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Cloud Foundry is available as private Platform-as-a-Service.

You can deploy apps written in 8 languages to your private infrastructure of choice.

You can automatically bind 0 services and 0 integrated addons to your applications.

You can scale your applications vertically , horizontally .

Usage and pricing options available are  free usage.


Cloud Foundry is used as base technology by 8 providers.

These are  HPE Helion Stackato,  Meshcloud,  Anynines,  MoPaaS,  Atos Cloud Foundry,  Bluemix,  Pivotal CF,  Swisscom Application Cloud

Quality of Service

Cloud Foundry is in Production since 2011-04-12.


Language Versions
Go 1.5.*, 1.6.*
Groovy All versions
Java 1.6.*, 1.7.*, 1.8.*
Node 0.10.*, 0.12.*, 4.*, 5.*, 6.*
Php 5.5.*, 5.6.*, 7.0.*
Python 2.7.*, 3.3.*, 3.4.*, 3.5.*
Ruby 2.1.*, 2.2.*, 2.3.*
Scala All versions
Cloud Foundry is extensible, so you can add more functionality via buildpacks or similar mechanisms.


Name Runtime Versions
tomcat Java 6, 7


Name Runtime Versions
Cakephp Php
Grails Groovy
Play Java
Rails Ruby
Sinatra Ruby
Spring Java
Symfony Php


The billing of native services and add-ons may differ from the platform pricing model.