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SAP HANA Cloud Platform is available as public Platform-as-a-Service.

You can deploy apps written in 2 languages to 4 different infrastructures.

You can automatically bind 20 services and 0 integrated addons to your applications.

You can scale your applications vertically , horizontally .

Usage and pricing options available are  fixed usage, monthly bills.

Quality of Service

SAP HANA Cloud Platform is in Production since 2012-05-01.

Stipulated Uptime: 99.9 %

SAP HANA Cloud Platform is ISO 9001, ISO 27001 certified .




Name Runtime
HANA Cloud Integration


Name Runtime
Java ee Java
Java ee web profile Java


Name Description Type
Document Services The SAP HANA Cloud Platform Document Service provides an open standard based(CMIS) enterprise cloud content repository for unstructured or semi-structured content. STORAGE
Gamification Service Brings gamification into the enterprise to engage and motivate employees with rewarding experiences. COLLABORATION
IoT Services These services can be used to manage & connect devices to the HANA Cloud Platform in order to use data from these devices in applications. IOT
Mobile Services It enable developers build & manage mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows with a scalable cloud backend. MOBILE
Remote Data Sync Services It provides a service for synchronizing data from a huge numbers sensors in a remote database into a consolidated SAP HANA database in the cloud. Ensuring consistency of data inspite of connection loss etc. IOT
SAP API Management It’s a simple, scalable and secure access to digital assets and enables engagement of employees and developers. INTEGRATION
SAP ASE persistence Services It is a cost-effective database solution that can handle large numbers of transactions and concurrent users with superior performance, reliability, efficiency and is used by customers worldwide. STORAGE
SAP Cloud Identity Offers central user authentication, web single sign-on (SS0) and user management as Software-as-a-Service enabling a seamless experience for end users across solutions. It’s based on open industry-standard SAML and OAuth protocols. SECURITY
SAP Fiori, Cloud Edition Renew your SAP Business Suite UX by deploying the new SAP Fiori UI on the cloud, securely connected to your on-premise systems. UX
SAP Forms as a Service by Adobe Forms service running on SAP HANA Cloud Platform to generate print & interactive forms-including PDF/A for archiving on-premise. Has integration with SAP backend data & SAP printing servers. UX
SAP HANA Cloud Connector This enables easy integration of the on-premise data with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform without compromising security of the onPrem landscape INTEGRATION
SAP HANA Cloud Portal Provides an easy way for creating enterprise-grade business sites with the full power of authorization management, content development and integration to SAP's cloud, on-premise and third-party solutions. UX
SAP HANA Predictive Analysis Library A built-in and native SAP HANA library to perform predictions based on in-database data mining and statistical calculations. ANALYTICS
SAP HANA Series Data It allows the measuring of data over time where time is commonly equidistant; it allows to detect and forecast trends in data. ANALYTICS
SAP HANA Text search and analysis Enables processing of texts in unstructured content (e.g. for sentiment analysis). ANALYTICS
SAP HANA persistence Services It enables organization to analyze business operations based on large volume and variety of detailed data in real-time with capabilities like predictive analytics, geospatial, text search etc STORAGE
SAP HANA spatial/GIS It provides functions to analyze and process geospatial information in SAP HANA with high performance. ANALYTICS
SAP Hybris as a Service It allows developers to create, offer and sell business service packages based on a micro-service centric programming model and customers to leverage these services for extending existing and new front-office solutions faster than ever. BUSINESS
SAP Jam Enables developers to build collaborative application experiences for enterprise and external teams. COLLABORATION
SAP Mobile documents Provides unified access of on-premise business content (SAP Business Suite or 3rd party such as MS SharePoint). Enables sharing of content inside and outside the enterprise in a secure way. COLLABORATION
The billing of native services and add-ons may differ from the platform pricing model.


EU Germany, St. Leon-Rot
NA United States of America, Ashburn
NA United States of America, Phoenix
OC Australia, Sydney