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OutSystems Platform is available as public and as private Platform-as-a-Service.

You can deploy apps written in 2 languages to 7 different infrastructures.

You can automatically bind 10 services and 0 integrated addons to your applications.

You can scale your applications vertically , horizontally .

Usage and pricing options available are  free usage, monthly bills or  fixed usage, annually bills or  hybrid usage, annually bills.

Quality of Service

OutSystems Platform is in Production since 2001-04-19.

Stipulated Uptime: 99.9 %




Name Runtime
iis Dotnet
jboss Java
weblogic Java


Name Description Type
Automated Application Staging OutSystems Platform automates the staging of applications from development to production across cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments DEVOPS
Business Process Management Business Process Management platform to model, execute, and monitor business processes and workflows OTHER
Mobile Hybrid Development OutSystems Now is a native mobile app shell that provides access to sensors like the GPS, barcode reader, file system, or camera to your applications. This allows you to create applications that make use of native functionality without having to write native code OTHER
Pre-built integration connectors Connect to the most popular cloud services like Facebook, Zendesk, Twilio, and external databases like IBM DB2, Oracle, CouchDB OTHER
User Performance Monitoring Real-time performance monitoring measures the performance your users are experiencing, when using your web and mobile applications ANALYTICS
Visual Application Development Visual development environment to design the front-end and back-end of mobile and web applications, including their user interfaces, business logic, data model, and security policies. Application models are automatically converted into standard .NET or Java applications. You can also use Eclipse or Visual Studio to extend the model with Java or C# code. OTHER
Wizard-based SOAP and REST integration Automated mechanisms to consume and expose functionality as standard SOAP and REST web services OTHER
ms sql Deploy your applications on top of Microsoft SQL Server DATASTORE
mysql Deploy your applications on top of MySQL DATASTORE
oracle db Deploy your applications on top of Oracle DATASTORE
The billing of native services and add-ons may differ from the platform pricing model.


AS Singapore, Singapore — provided by AWS
AS Japan, Tokyo — provided by AWS
EU Ireland, Dublin — provided by AWS
NA United States of America, Northern Virginia — provided by AWS
NA United States of America, Oregon — provided by AWS
OC Australia, Sydney — provided by AWS
SA Brazil, Sao Paulo — provided by AWS