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Nuvla is available as public and as private Platform-as-a-Service.

You can deploy apps written in 2 languages to 11 different infrastructures.

You can automatically bind 8 services and 0 integrated addons to your applications.

You can scale your applications vertically , horizontally .

Usage and pricing options available are  metered usage, monthly bills or  free usage.

Quality of Service

Nuvla is in Production since 2012-01-01.

Stipulated Uptime: No guarantees


Nuvla is extensible, so you can add more functionality via buildpacks or similar mechanisms.


Name Description Type
Couchbase DATABASE
Events Unified overview of all events related to the account and its deployments. PROFILING
Metering Control the resources usage across all used clouds. PROFILING
Multi-tier Group and account ACLs for all modules MANAGEMENT
Quotas Per cloud quota enforcement. MANAGEMENT
SlipStream Engine The Nuvla platform is powered by SlipStream. DEPLOYMENT
Usage Aggregated and consolidated usage records. MANAGEMENT
The billing of native services and add-ons may differ from the platform pricing model.


AS Japan, Tokyo — provided by AWS
AS Singapore, Singapore — provided by AWS
EU Ireland, Dublin — provided by AWS
EU Germany, Frankfurt — provided by AWS
EU Switzerland, Geneva — provided by Exoscale
EU Czechia, Prague — provided by Ultimum
NA United States of America, N. Virginia — provided by AWS
NA United States of America, N. California — provided by AWS
NA United States of America, Oregon — provided by AWS
OC Australia, Sydney — provided by AWS
SA Brazil, Sao Paulo — provided by AWS