Public Infrastructuresβeta

Live statistics of the PaaS vendor landscape 1 .


The mean number of available infrastructure options in public offerings is 6.6.

mean median mode variance sd min max
6.6 2.0 1 86.1 9.3 1 45

A lot of PaaS providers use established IaaS offerings for their infrastructure management. At least 58 % use external IaaS providers for their infrastructure management.
Amazon Web Services is by far the most often used IaaS provider of PaaS vendors.

Distribution and Density

Below is a heat map of the world showing the geographical distribution and density of public PaaS infrastructures. The more saturated the orange countries are, the more offerings support an application deployment in that geographical region. The markers indicate data center locations that are specified more precisely.

Continental Distribution

Infrastructure support on particular continents is different between PaaS. Below, the graph shows the percentage of infrastructure support on a particular continent by public PaaS. For example, deployment in Europe is supported by 83 % of the vendors.

Country Distribution

The Top 5 countries are:
 United States of America (93 times)  Ireland (20 times)  Japan (20 times)  Australia (19 times)  Germany (19 times)
1 The data source is the most recent collection of PaaS Profiles.